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Why Start a Blog? The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
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Why Start a Blog? The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
I strongly believe that everyone should take advantage of the potential blogging provides. Many people would start blogging immediately without even understanding what blogging is actually about. in this article I hope I can somehow, help get you started to blog. There are many reasons to consider to start a blog. It would be nearly impossible. For all we know, there are over 150 million blogs on the internet and I'm sure everyone has their own answer to"how do I get started? "why do you blog?" question. In this section I'll discuss some of the top reasons to why you should begin blogging now and hopefully make it easier for you to decide if blogging really is the best choice for you. There are 4 main types of blogs, and they are:
  • 1. Blogs that are owned by companies - these are blogs operated by companies that are selling a product or service to individuals. The majority of the time they are created to offer product or service information to their customers. They are generally designed to establish good relationships with them. An excellent example of a corporate blog could be Google Blog which ranks 10th most popular blog on the planet (according to technorati)
  • 2. Personal Blogs - these kinds of websites are of an online diary where you record your daily life, share some of your cat's images and broadcast those updates to the world. (pretty much like how twitter and Facebook are being used today.)
  • 3. Blogs that provide value typically initiated by one individual and often run by one. These are blogs which talk about relevant topics and have particular expertise. I.e. Problogger for blogging advice, Copy blogger for Copywriting, SEObook for SEO tips Visit:-
  • 4. Automated blogs or fake blogs These are the types of blogs that I don't recommend but they deserve to be mentioned since there are literally millions of them. Automated blogs are websites which were created to scrape content from other blogs. What they basically do is take content from other blogs and then publish it to their blogs automatically using an autoblogging software. The owners of these websites makes hundreds of these but even when each only makes $5 a month, they can earn quite a profit from it.
Blogs that offer value are written using an underline because that's a type of blog which I recommend you create. So if you're looking for the opportunity to earn money from an auto-blog which steals content from other blogs this article isn't for you and you may prefer to find a guide about it on one of the black hat forums. But if you're trying to provide value (and make money from it at least) This article might have all you require to answer the "Why should I set up the blog question. question. These are the 4 main types of blogs . The reason for creating them includes: Profit It's always money that's a good Motivator , and I'm sure you've noticed the fact that the majority of bloggers create blogs with only the purpose of making money from it. In fact, (Although it doesn't sound great) I wouldn't even be blogging in the present if I didn't realize that I could make money out of it. Notice:blogging only for money isn't something you would want to do. Offering value should be the first priority and something that you should keep in mind. below are some examples successful blogs who were able to make their writers millionaires: 1. - Blog written by John Chow is a website that earns more than $40,000 a month. 2. - blog owned by Pete Cashmore that's focused on the news on social media. It was revealed in a recent interview that mashable is currently earning more than $200,000 per month in revenue. 3. is a website for Problogger. Darren rowse, who is the creator of Problogger has never divulged his exact earnings however according to the number of his followers and his alexa stats, A average of $45,000 per year might be enough to estimate his earning this big every month. Of course, these blogs have been in operation for quite a while and all of the owners committed a lot of time and effort to be the point they are at today. (by this way, if you're looking for more blogs making money, you can easily get there by searching the search engine of your choice: "Top Money Making Blogs in the world") While Having a $40,000 monthly earnings sounds like a dream however, I would advise that you aim for a reasonable income first. $5,000 is an acceptable amount to aim for and there are a lot of blogs with incomes of this much. After that, however, the sky truly is the limit. Demonstrate your knowledge Blogs are always an excellent way to be noticed by photographer, designer, tutor for guitar, or even an Food Lover who blog about food. No matter what field you're in, blogging is a great way to get your name noticed. When you write a blog, you're giving value to your readers and this is a way to showcase your expertise all over the globe. All thanks to blogging, I had been in a position to impart my knowledge about earning money online with an extensive number of people , including you - and that's an excellent example of how powerful blogging is. It gives you the chance to establish your self.  

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