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The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
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The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
I strongly believe that everybody must take advantage of the possibilities that blogging provides. Some people will immediately begin blogging without knowing what blogging actually is. In this post I hope that I can somehow help you inspire you to start blogging. There are many reasons to consider to begin an online blog. Finding all the reasons is nearly impossible. In all reality, there are over 150,000,000 blogs out in the world and I'm betting that everyone has a different answer to"why do you want to blog? "why do you blog?" question. In this article I'll go over some of the best reasons to why you should start blogging today , and hopefully get you to determine if blogging is right for you. There are four major types of blogs and they include:
  • 1. Blogs run by companies - they are those run by a company that is selling products or services to the public. Most of the time, These types of blogs are used to send product or service updates to their customers. They are typically, they are designed to create strong relationships with them. An excellent example of a corporate blog is the Google Blog which ranks 10th most popular blog in the world (according to technorati)
  • 2. Personal Blogs - these types of blogs are more of an 'online diary' where you keep track of your life, upload some of the photos of your cat and post those updates to the world. (pretty exactly like how Twitter and Facebook are utilized today.) Visit:-
  • 3. Blogs that Offer Value typically initiated by a single individual and usually run by a single person. These are blogs which talk about topics that are informative and offer particular knowledge. I.e. Problogger for blogging advice, Copy blogger for Copywriting, SEObook for SEO tips
  • 4. Automated or fake blogs These are blogs that I wouldn't recommend but they deserve consideration because there are millions of them. Automated blogs are those designed to scrape other blog's content. The basic thing they do is take content from other sites and post it on their blogs automatically by using an autoblogging program. The site's owner makes hundreds of these but even when each just makes $5 per month, they could earn some decent profits from it.
The blogs that are worth reading is written using an underline because that's the type of blog that I'd recommend that you construct. If you're searching for an opportunity to make money by creating an auto blog that steals content from others this article isn't appropriate for you. Instead, you'll need to look for information on one of these black hat forums. But if you're here to offer value (and earn money while doing it at a minimum) This article may just what have everything that you'll need to answer the - "Why should I create your own blog to begin a blog?' question. They are the four major types of blogs and the motivation behind them is: Profit Cash is always a powerful Motivator , and I'm sure you've noticed the fact that most bloggers start a blog with the sole intention of profiting from it. In actual fact, (Although it doesn't sound amazing) I wouldn't be blogging in the present if I didn't realize that I could make money out of it. Note:blogging only for money is the last thing you'd want to do. Giving value is the top priority for you. that's something you must always keep in mind. below are some examples of blogs that were successful and were able to make their authors - Millionaires: 1. Blog written by John Chow is a website that earns over $40,000 a month. 2. is a blog operated by Pete Cashmore that's focused on the social media news. it was said on an interview recently that mashable has been earning upwards of $200,000 per month in revenue. 3. ( Darren rowse, who is the author of Problogger, has never revealed his exact earnings but according to the numbers of his subscribers as well as his alexa stats, a reasonable $45,000 per month maybe enough to say that his earnings are this huge every month. Of course, these blogs had been online for quite a while and each of the owners had invested a lot of effort and time to be the position they are now. (by by the way, should you wish to see more blogs that makes money, you are able to find them by using your favorite search engine: "Top Money Making Blogs in the world") Although a monthly $40,000 earning sounds cool However, I'd advise you to target a more reasonable income first. $5,000 is a decent amount to target and there are thousands of blogs that earn this much. When you reach that amount but the sky really is the limit. Present your skills Blogs will always be an effective way to be noticed by Guitar tutor, Photographer, Designer, or even a Food Lover who blog about food. No matter what chosen field that you're working in, blogging can be the best way to make recognized. When you blog, you're giving value to your readers and this means you're showing your expertise in the eyes of everyone. All thanks to blogging, I was capable of sharing my knowledge regarding making money online to an impressive number of individuals, including you, and that's an excellent illustration of how effective blogging is. You can use blogging to establish your self. Ease of use Before blogging had ever existed it was impossible for an ordinary Joe to start his own website. He'd have to shell out a significant amount of money to some web designer before the site could be set up. But since blog Softwares along with CMS (content management Softwares) were created, life could not have been easier for anyone (including me) to develop a website. Today, anyone with the ability to use a keyboard can simply upload content online. Content that is not just comes in Text form, but also in Images, Video - you know it. It is possible to easily added using basic computer skills.  

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