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How Can Anyone Avoid Cancer From Toxins In Food?
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How Can Anyone Avoid Cancer From Toxins In Food?
It seems like cancer of all kinds is increasing. My sister passed away 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer. This was just a couple years after my sister's death of the same condition. This is the reason for two deaths in the same household of the same sort. Since then, many more have passed away from it too. It's a painful death with long periods of agony associated with it. It can also be a short time from diagnosis to the point of death, usually just a few weeks. This prompted me to do some study into probable causes. One of the top possible causes is gyphosphate. It is the primary ingredient in the weed killer made by Monsanto. Monsanto is responsible for the genetically modified crops and the primary reason for their success is the capability to apply the chemical that kills all weeds, but not plants. Wow! That took my breath away. Both my family members who passed away were not just gardeners, they also employed the weed killer regularly. Visit:- The Company claims in limiting contact with the skin, the product is safe to apply. Scientific evidence now shows that there is a connection between the product and pancreatic cancer. The government has now stopped its use in Australia. It follows reports that specific weeds, such as rye grass, have become intolerant to it. It could also be because some fruits and vegetables are known to take up the chemical from soils where it is able to remain inactive for a few weeks. The question is how much herbicide is taken up by those plants to which the chemical is sprayed via hand or aerial sprayers. There is a lot of uncertainty about this product as well as the impact it has on food that it is possible we are eating cancer-causing contaminants in almost every single thing. Genetically modified food items include the oils created to coat specific items like chips or fish and everything else that is fried or baked in an oven. They also are sold in bulk for use at home and are in many other items that the general public doesn't know about or know about.' While further research is being conducted the probability of the ban on GM crops along with the weed killer could be in the near future, and with different governments to those of today. Unless people speak out and trigger an alarm to prompt an action, it's difficult to stay clear of cancer-causing toxins in food and beverages that originate from such sources.

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