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The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
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The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
Being aware of Jesus Christ - who he is - and why was his mission is the foundation for understanding everything involved in Our Christian Faith. Just as we paused for a week contemplating the importance of the prophetic work, then we'll take a closer study of Jesus and his teaching and preaching as we seek to sweep through the Bible in ten weeks and have an overview. Retrospectives on the life and mission of Jesus can be inspiring since it's Jesus who says, "Follow me". This will also allow us to inform others about what we believe and why we believe in it - and this is the most precious knowledge we could ever have. When we look at Jesus Christ, there should be a desire, the longing, that yearning not just to be awed by and follow - not only to obey Him - but to seek to imitate Jesus which is the main challenge that each one of us faces. John Chapter 20, verses 19-29 - we are required to trust the biblical message. For more detail please visit:- Four Gospels - they were written around 60 to 90 A.D. They compliment each other. Matthew mentions Jesus as king - and of the God's kingdom. Mark presents Jesus as a servant. Luke is focused on Jesus as Man Luke is focused on Jesus as Man John emphasises Jesus in the role of God. Here are four images of Jesus from different perspectives. Jesus Name - Savior - he shall deliver the people of his sins Matthew 1:21 and 23 , Immanuel the Immanuel - God with us. John 1 verse 41 - Messiah - Christ. Jesus Christ, also known as the Saviour, who can be described as the one who is anointed - or the one who has been anointed to be the Saviour and anointed of God. Messiah was a name used to describe consecrated servants of high position at the time. The future kings would be anointed for their task , just as was Jesus. Jesus can be described as the Hebrew word Joshua - which means - God saves, which is God's saving. (It is fascinating how"Jesus" was named when "Jesus" was born, however, that's an additional day.) Jesus was the son of Mary and the birth was miraculous and supernatural. The birth was 'normal' - although the setting was rather unusual. God the Father used the Holy Spirit to bring about the conception. And if you ask a biological question we are unable to give an answer based on biology. There's not one! We know Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea not to the West Bank! Jesus was raised by his mother and stepfather Joseph and several younger siblings, the natural children from Mary as well as Joseph. Jesus was certainly an intelligent child, capable at the age of 12 years old age to discuss Scripture with the Theologians and scholars in the Temple. Luke Chapter 2. In order to offer the perfect sacrifice at Jesus' cross Jesus didn't sin. Hebrews Chapter 4, verse 15. At the age of 30 Jesus started His mission. Luke Chapter 3 verse 23. Jesus was baptized by John in the River Jordan to fulfil all righteousness - and then went to the wilderness for forty days, fasting and praying in which he was tempted. Interestingly, Saul of Tarsus was a faster and prayed for 3 days - after Jesus' resurrection Jesus met him outside Damascus it was a fantastic method to begin a ministry. I've often thought that it would be better to begin our Christian lives with prayer and fasting fewer people might fall away later on - the foundation we build is crucial. Jesus preached his kingdom God - Jesus was a preacher of repentance, and invited people to believe in the Gospel - Mark Chapter 1 verses 14 , 15 and 14. Gospel refers to 'good news' - the kingdom where Jesus reigns king, forgiveness from sin - salvation - eternal life. Matthew Chapter 4 Verse 23 - Jesus arrives to teach - preaching, healing. Matthew Chapter 9 verse 6 Jesus had the authority to forgive sin and heal us of our spiritual problems. Jesus is the chief cornerstone of the Church. He's also the head of His Church. Colossians 1 verse 18. Jesus freely allowed Himself to be detained, executed, crucified, tortured and killed. Jesus Christ laid down his life - John 10:11, 15 as well as 17 and 18 - this is the amazing Saviour Jesus Christ was and is the only one who did not take his life. Jesus laid down his life - Jesus sacrificed his life freely and sacrificed his life. Three days later Jesus Christ rose from the dead, just as Jesus predicted - or foretold or predicted in Matthew chapter 12 verses 38 to 40. A single leader has accomplished this before - Jesus Christ is unique. Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday. He spent an entire three-day period in the burial tomb. it is impossible to translate that into a Friday crucification. Jesus was raised from the dead and then forty days later, ascended in the promise that he would return - with incredible power and glory. Mark Chapter 13 verses 26 and 27. What do we do? Peter on Acts Chapter 2 , verses 36 to 38 during the Day of Pentecost gives us the solution. It was during this time that they were convinced they believed that Jesus truly was Lord and Christ - that they longed to do something. They knew they needed to act - and they realized that they were required to act. Peter's advice is the same today as it was then. When you are aware of who Jesus is and come to believe in Jesus Refrain from your sins, and then be baptized in water - receive Jesus' Holy Spirit. I have an alternative way of getting into the church of Jesus Christ. Do you? "For all the length and the depth of Jesus' ministry Jesus we give Him praise and thanks, God the Father. God. Thank You for demonstrating so clearly how we can be part of the Church of Jesus Christ we give thanks for each blessing we receive via our participation in the Word of God, and fellowship with others, we pray "Thank for You". Help us to be ready to accept every opportunity to be a witness and service that are presented to us in Jesus Name. Amen" Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy and is a member of The Children's Panel in Scotland and has traveled extensively in recent years of teaching, lecturing, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel leading pilgrimages and tours and lastly, Uganda and Kenya, ministering during Pastors and Leaders' Seminars, in the poorer areas around Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

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