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Article Marketing Drives Free Website Traffic
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Article Marketing Drives Free Website Traffic
Everyone who runs a website knows how important traffic to their site is. It's the main priority when it comes to becoming successful online. No matter what kind of website you have but if your site does not receive any traffic it won't be able to earn any cash or capture any leads. Traffic is often thought of as one of the hardest parts of operating a successful website. While there are many methods to increase traffic however, quality traffic could increase your costs to thousands of dollars per month. This is why many website owners are searching for low-cost methods to bring high quality traffic to their site. When it comes to free website traffic article marketing is just one of the most effective ways that comes to mind. The reason behind this is easy - article marketing works. I would like to share a few ideas and tips to help you bring traffic back to your website through article marketing. I will show you how to write simple articles that doesn't consume a lot of your time, and then make use of them to bring traffic to your site. For more detail please visit:- What is an article marketing Before I present to you the tricks to market your article, I would be happy to provide more information about what this strategy is all about. This technique of redirecting traffic to your site is quite easy. It's about writing SEO-optimized content and submitting them to websites that distribute articles. You're most likely reading this post through an Article Distribution Platform at the moment so you are aware of these platforms. When you post an article on these platforms, any person who visits the platform they posted it on will be able to view your article. Then, at the end of your article you can add an "resource box" with a hyperlink to your site. This gives you two advantages. The first is the hyperlink that directs users to your website . Anyone who reads your blog post will click the link to visit your website. Another benefit is the quality of the link you posted as it acts as an backlink to your site and will help in your search results. Article marketing tips Let's get to the actual tips I would like to give you. Just follow the suggestions I've listed here and you'll be able to create more engaging articles that rank higher, and will get you more traffic from websites. 1. Keyword research Keyword research is a vital component of article marketing. If you do not do an adequate keyword search prior to starting then you'll end up writing material that's not going to be found by search engines. You'd like your content to rank and be seen by millions of viewers - this is why you need to conduct thorough keyword research. Before you begin to write your essay, you should head over to a keyword research tool and do some research to identify keywords you want to target. Choose a subject, and then enter a few keywords that are related to the subject. When you're presented with the results, browse through the results to locate keywords that have low competition and a good amount of monthly visitors - and then you can target that keyword. You can also target two keywords in one article. One focus keyword and another one. I always start with the keyword tool of Google. This tool provides information directly from the Google web search results. There are plenty of other options as well so make sure you choose a tool that is suitable for you. 2. Write a compelling title If someone goes to an article distribution platform, or conducts the Google search, the first thing that they see on the result page will be the name of articles that have been published. It is your opportunity to catch the attention of the reader and make them take the time to read your piece. Craft a creative and attractive title that will draw in viewers. It is important that your title tells readers what the article is about, as well. It is also recommended to include your focus keyword within the article's title as close to the start of the title as you can. This will help your article position in search results. 3. In the body of your piece Once you've come up with a captivating name for your piece you can move on to the body. Start with an introduction paragraph and include your key word at least once in this paragraph. I suggest that you include your focus keyword in the very first sentence of your body. After you've written the introduction paragraph, proceed onto the rest of your piece. Don't bore your readers - get to the point without making a loop. It is important to provide as much information as you can to your reader without losing their attention. Check that your article is a good amount of words. I suggest writing articles of at least 500 words. Take note that some distribution platforms have limits on the amount of words an article can contain. Your article should end with the conclusion. A quick summary of what you wrote about, and maybe a last thought. 4. The resource / author box The last thing you need to do is create your own piece of content to add to your resource box. This is a piece which is placed at the bottom of your article - and can contain a link to your website. Write a compelling and imaginative piece that will make readers want to click. If your content is of good quality, readers will want to click your link. 5. Post to distribute the article platforms When you've got your written piece ready then it's time to share it. Make sure you save your article to your computer before posting. Do a Google Search on "free article directories" and you'll see thousands of results. I would recommend visiting a website that has a "top" list. This will give the reader an overview of which sites you can submit your story to. Register on each site and submit your essay. Some sites don't allow you to add resources - in the case of these, you must include your resource box manually after the conclusion of the article. Conclusion I've provided some essential tips to help you create higher quality content and drive more free traffic to your website. Remember to follow these tips and implement them step by step. This will help you create top quality backlinks as well as driving free traffic back to your site.

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