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The Value Of A Personal Diary and Journal
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The Value Of A Personal Diary and Journal
Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough, last year, to stumble upon an article that was written in the same way as this one will likely be, regarding personal journals. Beware, before you conclude that you're ignorant and believe that personal journals are something only "arty" people do, or something Little Suzie from Year 2 writes regarding the boys she is fond of in her class, let me dispel this misconception right now using the quote I remember from my childhood at the point where I was thinking of the same (paraphrasing): Journaling your personal life is likely to be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do to yourself... ever. Now, you may have overlooked the main point of that quote: YOU are doing it for yourself. This is the case because of something that journals automatically do and rely heavily on: It's all about you and you. Your journal is something you don't publish, or, even more important, do not write for the purpose of sharing. This lets you be totally sincere and honest about it. There aren't any rules and rules- you are free to create as long or minimally as you'd like and as often as you'd like, in whatever style you want. Visit:- To dispel the personal journal myth, this is also a reason to clarify that keeping a personal journal is beneficial for anyone- you do not need to be mentally ill or depressed clinically, or a skilled scriptwriter. In reality, you don't need to be any of these whatsoever. You could be a local marketing manager, a store attendant, a student studying economics, a plumber, etc. The point is, you don't need to begin a diary for reasons that are specific, and it is beneficial to anyone should you decide to take it seriously and decide to take it seriously. I have kept a notebook for over a year now and I was sure that after one week I would have stopped or become bored. Yet, I write the occasional note every several days detailing what I have been up to, my personal accomplishments, people I had met fascinating situations, the emotions I felt- anything really (again I have no set rules). There's nothing better than writing your thoughts down written down on paper, allowing yourself vent and express your thoughts as you feel your feelings at the time. But there's an additional benefit to this: everyone knows that each day passes more and more quickly, until the point where everything becomes the most blurry. I have found it incredibly useful flipping back on my blog entries from months ago and gaining so much perceptive of not just myself but also seeing the bigger picture and seeing how much I had actually achieved between when I was writing and the present. It is quite surreal seeing an entry from months ago that I wrote like, "I wonder if this risk will pan out?" And then pondering about it, and realizing the extent to which this risk been consuming my thoughts at the time. You can easily see the variety you face on a daily basis by the language you've used, the design of your handwriting, the issues you choose to focus on, etc. A personal journal allows you to gain and communicate so much about yourself so easily; something that unfortunately gets so easily missed in the moment that unrecorded moments go in a matter of seconds, especially with our busy life today. A diary is a way you can personally grow and it is extremely simple. The act of rereading your thoughts unaltered in the present as you write, and then in the future, looking back on it is very rewarding, but it is true that you will only see these advantages once you take out a pencil and begin. I hope that this article convinces you to at least take a shot and see for yourself. Imagine yourself a few years from now with years of memories stored in a collection of journals. These journals will record the way you deal with your close relatives' deaths or loss, how you reached that goal, how you felt when that big event occurred, what your new year's resolutions were, when you met the person you've always wanted to meet or a song lyrics you loved... It's so easy to do, and the rewards and benefits of keeping a private journal are enormous when compared to other journals. You'll start to understand yourself in ways that only a journal could provide. The quote from the beginning: writing your own personal journal is probably one of the most beneficial things you can ever do to yourself... ever. A few tips to get you to keep a personal journal include: (1) Buy a Really Nice Journal That Matches Your Personality. It can be anything you'd like, however, I'd advise you not to purchase an ordinary $2 pad from the closest shop. Buy something a little nicer which you'll look forward to writing in. I purchased leather bound, hand stitched, cotton-lined journals from eBay . They were just amazing. (2) Write Fast This will help ensure that you do not modify or filter yourself. Do not use an untrue journal unless you're trying to create a fictional novel! (3) Write Only For You Do not write with the intention of having others seeing it. Keep it hidden and do not give it out to anyone. This will enable you to benefit the most from your journal, as you are writing for yourself and can be sure that you're as truthful as you want to be. (4) Keep It With You It's safe and secure, as well as you have access to it at all times to share whatever you wish with it. (5) Occasionally Look Back On Previous Entries This will show you how much you've evolved and grown over time. Trust me, you'll appreciate your motivation and the sense of nostalgia that you'll feel from this. (6) Do Not Make It A Chore Journal entries are best when they're not planned or obligatory. When you feel the need to keep track of something, just you can open it. Don't set deadlines because it feels too much like working or school, and you'll find it irritating.  

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