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Breaking News – Man vs Nature
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Breaking News – Man vs Nature
Break, break and break. Your culture is broken. You're not getting along. Your entire daily routine is broken. Your evenings are in ruins. Your life is now one long, incisive breaks. Fortunately your office gives you one break per day. If you even imagine enjoying your break you'll be terribly broken. If you'd rather be at home, you will be broken. The news channels keep on breaking their news till the news is gone. They even break the news of a wife who is heartbroken beat by her booze-intoxicated husband. The entertainment channels make you break with no taste once you find it palatable. The movies can ruin your taste so much that you give up going any further with it. The sports channels can't even keep the live broadcasts and let an abundance of break virus to get onto the tiny screen that it's almost an Google search to locate your most loved players. Visit:- This burden of breaks is definitely getting oppressive and dangerous for the living earth. How so? It is because we can't afford to stop here. We keep going until you get the full point without it being broken. Nature is avenging man when he commits sins on the earth. Nature attempts to communicate messages or warn us first. If these warnings are not taken seriously, nature breaks out with a ferocious rage. There are enough breaks to cause plenty of follies. Nature has demonstrated this with a variety of patterns all over the world. In summer coldness creeps in due to the incessant rain. If you study the patterns across the world including India you'll see that between 10 and 50 percent of the total rainfall can be delivered in only a some hours or even just one day. There is then a long break, then another deluge lasts for a couple of days. Fires, earthquakes, and floods have increased their force due to the concentrated efforts. Therefore, you sweat in winter as well as shivering in summer. splash in rain, and are in despair at nature's unpredictable behaviour. Deadly surprises lurk in every part of the world. Yes, nature has begun breaking news and stopping for breaks. It breaks out with a furious speed to break up for a long period of rest. Would you like to have a break? Chinmay Chakravarty is a professional specialized in the creative field with over two decades of experience in the field of journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing dubbing films, film and video production as well as the management of international film festivals, and editing journals and books. Professionally trained in offering professional assistance in these fields and also in fields of credit tips, personal finance and mediation assistance. Loves making people smile as often as they can and is interested in establishing an entertainment group to do away with everyday problems.

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