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Tsunami Disaster Predicted By Astrology
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Tsunami Disaster Predicted By Astrology
Early in the morning on the Margashirsha Purnima( Full Moon) a Tsunami of apocalyptic magnitudes occurred and the devastating impact of a record-breaking earthquake caused chaos. The date coincided with the 26th day of December 2004 also. And it is this date only which is now across the world. There is no proof that the rise in tide is due to it being the Full Moon. The gravitational attraction of Moon was well understood by the Acharyas from our past. This was the month of Margashirsha that also holds a great deal of historical significance. The battle of Mahabharata was fought in this months of Margashirsha in the bright half of trayodashi Tithi in Bharani nakshatra. Two days before it was the Full Moon. In Bhagwad Geeta, the Lord Krishna has described the month Margashirsha as one of his manifestations. The field of science today is experiencing unprecedented growth. Massive supercomputer networks have been designed to process data but researchers are now saying that earthquakes can't be predicted. The earthquake is a random event. The amazing advancements accomplished by our early Acharyas by their extensive experience and observations and intelligent experiments is beyond the reach of contemporary western mathematicians, scientists and researchers. Visit:- Acharya Varahamihira was the close associate of King Vikramaditya and the greatest of ancient astronomers or Acharyas. His Magnum Opus Brihat Samhita there is a complete chapter devoted to earthquakes. But our present day business minded astrologers have little use for the information. It was ignored. Research and experiments were not conducted in this direction. Still the predictions which were provided by some of our astrologers who are devoted will not be very easy to believe for you. That's why this prediction. THE PREDICTION OF EARTHQUAKE The martanda-panchanga from Vikram Samvat 2061 explains that, " Between the period of 27 November and 26 December there can be great loss of lives and damage in America, China, Japan, a Muslim nation or in the Northern or Southern portion of India due to some natural disaster like major earthquake and oceanic disaster." The date for the writing of this piece by Pt. Indushekhar Sharma in Shri Martanda Panchanga was 19 september 2003 on the day the festival of rishi-panchami was held. It is to be especially taken into consideration that Vikram Samvat 2061 started on the 21st of March, 2004. The panchanga hit the market in the month of October 2003. This is a confirmation the fact that predictions were maded at least 15 months in advance. In this same panchanga in the results of the Margashirsha month it is stated, " in this month there is a combination indicating loss of lives and damage in America, Japan, China or some Muslim country due to earthquake and oceanic disaster or other such natural calamity." "Scorpio placed Mars is making conjunction with retrograde Mercury. On 16 December Mercury is rising in retrograde position. Some great natural disaster may wreak havoc." "Shri Mahavir Panchanga, Kashi" published by Pt. Rameshwar Nath Ojha states, " Five Saturdays and Five Sundays falling in the Month of Margashirsha and the positions on Amavasya indicate a natural disaster which can cause heavy damage. Earthquake, landslide, explosion or other terrorist activities may take place." We've only mentioned two panchangas. There are a variety of panchangas that are published by the government of Hindi, Bangla, gujarati as well as other languages. Probably this kind of prediction has be found in them. We don't claim to be infallible for the predictions made by these astrologers and panchangas. This doesn't mean that the majority of the predictions are found to be accurate. We do not advise our readers to surrender to fate and make any smaller efforts in the desired direction. Our attention was sparked by a story in " the Hindu" of 27 November 2004. On November 26, 2004, there occurred an earthquake in Indonesia in which 17 people were killed. About 130 people were injured and more than 300 structures were destroyed. It was a Kartika Purnima (Full Moon) on the 26 November 2004. The thing we want to impress on the mind of our readers is the immense need for scientific study and experimentation as well as the modernization of astrology. Unfortunately , we do not recognize our roots and act as a copycat. Instead of original ideas and research , we dance to the tunes of western knowledge. In our ancient scriptures and particularly in the words from Ghagha Bhaddari, in Hindi it is claimed that animals, birds and marine creatures have a awareness of earthquakes as well as other natural disturbances , and escape to safer places prior to the event. In the aftermath of the earthquake, this belief was confirmed. In the heavily damaged regions in Sri Lanka there is no evidence of dead animals or birds. One wild life protection officer even expressed his amazement at the fact that there were typically 200 leopards and elephants and other wild animals within the park's wildlife sanctuary, no dead animals were found. The scientists concluded that there is a sixth sense with the animals, giving them an idea of the future disaster. If man only learns from knowledge that is derived from heritage.

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