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Benefits of Blogs For Business Marketing
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Benefits of Blogs For Business Marketing
Since the invention of the World Wide Web the next major trend was blogging. Suddenly everybody from home-makers, young mothers, business people, and even grandparents, were posting blogs. Personal blogs sprung up everywhere on the internet, leading to the creation of a blog network that was based on similar blogs as well as bloggers. The word "blog" came from the phrase 'web log invented by Jorn Barger in the year 1997. The rise of blogging was triggered by the introduction of simple-to-use blogging software that was developed in 1999. For more detail please visit:- What exactly is a blog? Blogs are online journals that can be updated at your convenience. You can have a personal blog, for example, keeping a diary open to the public, or a business blog maintained for business purposes. It is a forum to discuss business related issues and share your knowledge on the internet with potential customers, potential clients, or even your employees. 7 Benefits of marketing using a blog for business Business blogs can offer a number of advantages to small-sized businesses operating on limited marketing budget. If you do not have the expertise to design websites or experience, a blog is an ideal alternative, with free setup and easy maintenance. You can offer helpful hints and advertise your own products by uploading instructional or demonstrational videos on your blog. You can create a subscriber base using your blog, and generate leads by informing your followers whenever you've got new posts to post. Google's Blogger permits Google AdWords to post ads that promote related products or services in your blogging space and also allows you to earn of passive earnings through affiliate marketing. Below are 7 key benefits that blogging provides to businesses marketing: 1. A low-cost online marketing tool:Opening a blogging account with Blogger and WordPress is easy and free. You can install the required software for setup within a matter of hours. However, it's essential to host your blog regardless of whether you are using free blogging software. Registration of your own domain and hosting your blog on your own server gives you better visibility in search results. 2. Bring traffic to your business website:When you have a blog with a following that is regular, it's just like having another site, only with less functionalities. Your blog is dependent on SEO content video, images, or text. Your followers can be redirected to your business website when you have one with the aim of converting lead or interest into sales. Make an SEO list of keywords of your niche market and base your content and videos around these terms. This will help drive both natural and paid search for your blog. Include your blog's URL on your social network profiles inviting your friends or followers to follow your business blog. This can drive traffic to your blog when you are known for quality information or have expertise in your chosen field. 3. Build your product or brand image:You can build your brand image by using your blog. The people who read your blog may be interested to know what you're up to. Add your own business widget or button in your site. Write a product description or make an infomercial. 4. Keep a dialogue with customers:Blogs are interactive, which means that your users can interact with you by posting posted comments and questions on the blog (which can be moderated). This is your opportunity to gauge the opinions of your customers as well as suggestions and comments. 5. Get new clients:Some readers may suggest your site to other people, bringing you new business opportunities. 6. Network that is shared with other similar businesses:All businesses run on an internal and external network. Keeping up with similar blogs and their posts can give you an opportunity to comment on their blog posts and add value by sharing your knowledge of the subject. An individual who is who is interested in their blog might click-through to yours to read more! Click-throughs like these are absolutely free and help to increase traffic to your website. 7. An excellent public relations avenue:In case, your company is hit by bad news, your blog may be your chance to show the clean slate. It is possible to make your position clear or challenge a public opinion. Because regular readers are aware of who you are and are familiar with you through regular interactions on the internet, you stand a an increased chance of gaining acceptance through the use of viral techniques. Blogs can be a great complement to your Social media marketing (SMM) strategy. For those who do not have the funds to invest in web design and development blogs can double as an interactive website online tool. The only downside is that they don't have the same features as websites and are not suited to online shopping, and can be time-consuming when you have regular postings, but they have a high ranking as a low-cost marketing option.

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