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How to Get 1 Million Hits on Your Blog
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How to Get 1 Million Hits on Your Blog
Making your blog more popular is not easy, but If you are able to do it, this is extremely satisfying and satisfying to know that visitors regularly come through and come to your blog. Here are some helpful tips to get those hits and i get things there is no reason you shouldn't become one of the top bloggers around. 1. Blog Topic The topic for your site is important. If you're hoping to attract lots of hits , you have to take into consideration where to find the people who will read your blog. If you are posting about cracks that have appeared in your walls, it is important to be aware of where to find the readers who would like writing about the subject! Otherwise you are doomed. Visit:- 2. Search Engine Friendliness It is essential to engage with Google as a beautiful lady at the dance. We hope for a regular readership finding your blog on authoritative websites is where the majority people who read your blog will be coming from. Google has become the Internet and you only need to recognize it. It is the Political blogger's dream to be first on the page when someone types into "Politics Blog" into Google. If someone searches for "Random political blog by an unknown blogger from the North East of England" I'd like my blog to be found. If someone is interested in your blog's content, it is beneficial for them to visit your site. Tricky tricks to boost your ranking on search engines is crucial, but you must keep the tune in mind or your blog hits will suffer. Be it right or incorrectly Google has that degree of influence that websites need to cater to their needs. To do this you write your keywords in the article at a minimum of 22% of the words. The keywords I use for my blog are like "Labour or Politics Political blog" and so on. The following example is an example. "This article is intended to assist bloggers in getting more hits'. It is best to modify the content slightly to be more targeted. Thus... 'This posting is written for anyone who has the question "How can I increase the number of readers to my blog?" ' The search engines match the exact phrase with the keyword and this increases your ranks. And when they see your blog post as being exactly the search term they're searching for, they go to your blog post and it's magic! Be aware that Google continually alters their algorithm over what is important to their index of search engine ranking positions. From all accounts, and their own admission they make use of extremely complicated combinations of factors to determine relevancy in pages. My likely flawed effort to simplify the Google algorithm would be that in essence, the more hits you score, you're more pertinent your pages are. The more back links you have make Google believe that your website is an authority on the keywords you're using. Google then looks to offer the page as an answer to any query you have in mind. Google believes that your website will better meet the need of the searcher. The result is that you get more hits. Do nothing else than include the principal keywords in the titles of your blog entries that are crucial and then in the main text body of your webpage, you're already halfway there. Bare in mind major companies use search engine experts to help them maximize this sort of thing. So, just try your best here. 3. Communicate with other Bloggers This is my very first rant. I have found that, on the whole, political bloggers don't link to me easily. I have selected a handful of links that you can find on the right that I actually read rather than just spewing random links all over the place. A lot of blogs I've been reading, especially in the Political space have plenty of hyperlinks. A link on your website is nice, but usually it's not seen in the midst of the hordes. However, it's a good idea to contact every blog you can and ask them to link. I must mention that some blogs I approached were excellent and linked to me right away. Around 20%. Like sales this is a numbers game. It is advisable to solicit links at least once your site has been actively updated for at least 10 weeks. The new blogger, with an exaggerated sense of self due to the fact that they are "established" is likely to see you are an appropriate blog before deciding to link. In fairness to established blogs, a lot of blogs go away. It is essential to show that you are sticking around for the long haul. Should they decide they will revisit your blog and return, they'll most likely include a link to your blog on their site. Some bloggers even make mentions of your blog in their articles in order to encourage readers to visit. You can write a brief blog post thanking them when this happens to strengthen the abstract relationship and make the person who is linking more positive towards you. I've observed people with a certain aloofness when it comes to discussing hyperlinks. Some are very protective over their reputation when they link to another person, even though it's really not important for their own blog. It is my first time linking to all of my friends, but gradually I delete links that don't respond to my emails or only have the Industry list of links on their website. New bloggers should be encouraged , and linking is free. Remember, you should never offer a link for sale except if you have a commercial need to pay for it.

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