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Have a website? Great Graphics? Super Content? And... There isn't any traffic? You're not alone You can even count yourself in the ranks of all sites... There is little or zero traffic. Help is available here for free. Many websites do not get the amount of traffic they need, and many webmasters abandon their site in frustration and their minds are in danger of exploding trying to work out the regulations and rules established by the large search engines. Simple back linking is now banned by most all major engines yet in order to achieve rank on their search , you're required to build a large number of sites with links because links to your website are weighed more heavily in importance by the search engine... therefore, what's an individual or group of individuals to do? If you make submissions to directories that are free, they typically require reciprocal links, which implies that it's nothing more than an "Link Exchange Program" and the SEs do not appreciate it when you purchase links you may find your site is penalized for it, there are even unscrupulous directory owners who add the "nofollow" tag to your link rendering it useless for ranking. Well before you throw up your hands in a rage and curse at you Gods of the Web... before you demolish that beautifully built website or blog... in order to not strip the world of your unique insight or deprive yourself of a potentially large income, you should take some time to think about "Article Marketing". Article Marketing has been the most appealing technique on the web for creating "Search Engine-Friendly" hyperlinks to your website. Why is this? If you're asking, it's simple and can be described in just three words "Free Simple, Effective and Easy" or F.E.E, quite ironic since it's absolutely free. So let's explore this phenomenon of marketing, first to clarify the myth that search engines are out to "get you", in fact what they are attempting to achieve is to increase the quality of their result by making them relevant for your query. one way to do this is to look at the quality of the hyperlinks to a site that is, for example, are they linked to a website that has content that is relevant to the content of the site with which they link.  Please for more detail>>>> An example of ineffective back linking would be, when your blog or website has, for instance, a page that extols the virtues of hiking in those back paths of North Woods, then a link buried in"the "link exchange pages" of a site which is solely aimed at selling vacuum cleaners will not be able to influence the search engines. O.K. So your next question would be "how do I find websites that have content that is relevant to mine that link to my web site"? That's also an easy answer "Give them content", "WHAT?" you say "Give your content away" Yes, it's that easy, if you publish high-quality content in the form as an article the other websites are likely to "Re-publish" or "Syndicate" this, meaning you will not only receive a quality inbound link from the "Article Directory" but as well from any other site that decides to make use of your content. "So how do I begin"? wow you ask the easiest questions to be answered, let's go through this step by one... Step 1: Create high-quality content, many people produce articles that are nothing more than repeated keywords . This gives an insufficient incentive for other webmasters to post your content, which means you're missing out on massive traffic potential, better to write articles that offer readers with information or entertainment, they could even forward the article to a person they know (most Article Directories offer this option) thus increasing the visibility of your article to a greater extent. If you're not sure you have the writing skills to write good content then you can pay an "Ghost Writer" to write the article for you, a simple search of "article writers" or "writing solutions" will provide a wide range of authors to choose from Many of them offer reasonable prices. You don't have to be a Shakespeare or Hemingway to write your own pieces, but remember to write for the reader not for the search engines. And make sure that you spell check it. Step 2: Submit your articles to the Article Directories and many other sites, they're usually free and often provide many services like "Tweet this piece of content" buttons and "Email this article" and so on. these feature help in promoting your article to publishers who are looking for quality content. You can choose to utilize the "Article Submission Service" which will submit your article to multiple directories. They charge a fee for this service , or you can buy software to do it your self, however I'd suggest that you get your feet wet by submitting the first couple of articles individually by yourself. Step 3: Repeat steps one and two as often as you can, the more quality articles you circulate the better, but be distinctive and unique with each offer. Repeating the exact words and sentences in different order will be a sign of a lack of originality and directories , as well as publishers will soon get bored of your efforts.

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