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Review of the Garmin Streetpilot C550 GPS
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Review of the Garmin Streetpilot C550 GPS
When I first began RV'ing full-time, one of the first things I realized I needed was an accurate GPS. It was essential to help me find some of the less well-known parks however that wasn't the sole reason. The most valuable use of it was in getting around towns when we were stopped. On our journeys we made a point of visiting areas we'd never visited previously or only visited only once. The process of finding the way around town was much simpler once we had an GPS. My first GPS I purchased was an Garmin Streetpilot C550. It proved to be an excellent investment. It's got ample memory Text-to Speech capabilities, which means it can speak streets names. It also has Bluetooth to connect to my phone, and the user interface is easy to use and simple. It took me a short time to determine that it was the perfect fit for the purpose I was looking for a GPS for. The most appealing aspect of the Streetpilot is the simple interface. When you turn it on, you'll be presented with two main options ... What's the best place to go? as well as View Map. Click on Where To? and now you have nine options. One thing I like is the "Go Home" button. Every when we stopped, I simply told the GPS to tell it that I was "home". As we travelled through the city all I had to do was inform the GPS that I wanted to go home and it would take me straight back to my RV. This is a great feature to have after you've walked around an unfamiliar city for the entire day and don't know what you're doing in relation to the campground you're staying in. Visit:- Another amazing feature is the 6 million point-of-interest (POI) already integrated into the GPS. Are you looking for Mexican dinner tonight? Simply click the Food, Hotels... button and look up the food you're looking for by type of food and fuel, banks/ATM's, etc. These POI's are fantastic however they are somewhat lacking in the RV Parks & Campgrounds. Garmin puts RV Parks as well as Campgrounds into the category of Lodging and there aren't a lot of them. If you don't are familiar with the names of parks, they are difficult to locate even when they were already on the GPS. Luckily, Garmin built the C550 with plenty of memory and the capability of loading custom POI's. This was the main reason I began compiling this Ultimate RV Parks & Campgrounds Directory. I was somewhat dissatisfied by the information available on the GPS. I looked through other RV Parks Directories but couldn't locate any that had any of the RV campgrounds that were in them. Some were great but they were lacking in totality. Some had more parks however, their accuracy wasn't very good. Therefore, I used my experience as a professional in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and computer databases. The result was the most comprehensive RV Campgrounds Directory available anywhere and is expanding. I used it while we were traveling, and gave it to friends initially, but then my friends said I was nuts not to sell it. Another characteristic that comes with C550 that C550 I use a lot is the Recently Found list. Every time you use the GPS to get to the location you want to go, it saves the location in its Recently Found list. All you have to do if you need to go back to the location to go back is click the Recently Found button and there it is. The GPS will keep the most recent 50 places in your database returning to. Of course, every product has its flaws. What I found to be to be a little missing in the C550 was the absence of a coordinate display, and the inability to reset the time zone of its users while traveling. The C550 does not provide an indication of the Latitude and Longitude of the current place of residence. This is a little irritating. It's a good thing Garmin has fixed it in its Nuvi line. If you're concerned about this then you might want to consider the Nuvi rather than the Streetpilot. I'll be reviewing the Nuvi in the near future, so be sure to check for updates. Another issue is the fact that the C550 isn't able to change its time zone. This seems like a bit of a shambles considering that it's an GPS device and constantly "knows" the location it's in. It should know that it was crossing into another time zone and then reset itself in that manner. However, this isn't the situation for the C550. It is necessary to manually alter the time zones when you travel.

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