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Consider Before Forming a Business
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Consider Before Forming a Business
Why should we be concerned about using Dynamics Business Central for Manufacturing? With the disruptive nature of the last year, a lot of companies are exploring ways to work remotely in a hybrid work environment. There are several technologies that manufacturing companies need to utilize that do not work well remotely. One of the most important can be ERP systems. That's why we need to be concerned about Dynamics Business Central for Manufacturing. If you're trying to replace your ERP system because you want to make sure that it is able to support remote work cloud ERP is the way you must begin. My experience has been almost exclusively in the field of what is usually referred to "SMB" which stands for Small or Medium Business manufacturers. There's not a great deal of modern, reliable cloud-based ERP systems available within the middle-market or SMB market. They are also fewer that truly allow manufacturing. That's why the top cloud solutions are priced beyond the majority of manufacturers budget. Ah, In case you are wondering, Microsoft defines SMB as companies with no more than 250 PCs. That's quite a big company. What is Business Central? In the simplest phrases, Business Central is the new brand name for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In all the ways that it is a modern, cutting-edge cloud-based ERP is the old Dynamics NAV reimagined in the cloud. Microsoft did not shy away from the technology either! They've got an enormous amount of cash, and they were willing to invest an enormous amount of money for Business Central. The full title of the item will be Dynamics 365 Business Central. It should look familiar since it's as part of Office 365, Microsoft 365 and so on... This does mean that Business Central is part of the same suite of software you're already using for Your Outlook email, Teams communication, Microsoft Word or Excel productivity tools. And yes, that is an advantage for Microsoft. However, it doesn't mean it's going to work in Manufacturing however, so that remains to be seen. How does it compare with the more traditional ERP system for manufacturing? I've just written blog posts comparing Dynamics Business Central for manufacturing and a highly regarded mid-market pure manufacturing ERP called Infor Visual ERP. I extensively used Visual ERP for more than 20 years (ironically I never sold a copy in the entire time). I was the head of the firm where users who had trouble with the system contacted for help. When I decided to move my business out of Infor Visual, I investigated a lot of solutions. I decided on Dynamics NAV (which later became Business Central) after significant analysis. In 2014, we began changing Visual ERP customers to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturing. There are a couple of small areas where Visual might do a bit better in. This is more than offset by two primary reasons making Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for manufacturing really shine. Customizability Dynamics NAV and now Business Central are extremely easy to program. This lets us extend it in ways that you could not without Visual. It's that easy to program that we're basically giving away "Missing" Visual features when we market the product. This modification allowed us to plug the holes we found. We also had the ability to achieve the one thing Visual customers have always complained about. We were able to make small, easily maintained, incremental adjustments. We could tweak the system so that it works better for the client. We stayed clear of any large-scale programming (although in my experience, I've met other partners who were not able to avoid the same). It was our goal to create useful changes that allowed the customer to receive quick benefits. This made a huge difference to the customers. It's a change in the game when very small change saves staff hours every week. Visit:- Dynamics 365 AppSource Addons More or less related is the existence of add-ons that work with Microsoft Dynamics products. When we first started selling Dynamics NAV for manufacturing, there was no AppSource. AppSource is similar to the Google Play store or Apple Apps store. It's a great place to visit and rapidly (in only a few seconds) install any addons. In the beginning, these addons existed, were acknowledged by Microsoft however, they didn't exist in any central repository. The situation is now much better. With Appsource you can greatly enhance Dynamics Business Central for manufacturing. I'll mention a few of those modules below. Wait! I'm required to buy Addons   There are two different schools of thought regarding ERP systems. It is important to have an ERP system that is truly good withexcellent accounting; inventory control; sales and purchasing; CRM; scheduling; shop floor execution etc ... Imagine you'd like to purchase an item that was similar to your personal needs. You might want to buy a vehicle and a trailer for camping. You went to 2 dealerships. A Ford and the other GMC. In our fake and fictitious Ford dealer, they offer their F150 truck with the Ford Radio, Ford Tires as well as an Ford name camping trailer. The rims on this particular Ford are entirely custom-made and will not match other brands of tires. It's rare to find a radio that is compatible with their dash. The trailer works, but it's not the best you've seen. The towing hitch on the trailer is specially designed for their truck. You're stuck with no choice. But don't panic! The warranty is all inclusive and if something does go wrong you can blame them , and they have to fix it! GMC offers their large truck all by itself. You can choose which tires you want, for instance, you can choose Michelin tires. You can include an audio system, and then decide to purchase the more expensive but inspiring Bose Radio. The company doesn't sell training equipment which is why you need an Airstream. You wouldn't ever complain about GM not making their own tires or radio or radio, and you'd never wish to buy the Ford which you have no choice but to get what they offer. What is the reason you would want an ERP system that requires you to get their proprietary versions of the software instead of getting the top quality you can afford?   Out of the Box Manufacturing Features in Business Central Dynamics Business Central manufacturing capabilities are exactly the same as what was available used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing capabilities. There are a number of core modules within the Essentials edition of Business Central. They include sales orders as well as purchase and inventory order management; assembly; Jons (project control and administration) and warehouse management. Certain customers make use of the Essentials version exclusively. It works fine depending on your mode of manufacturing (see below). Upgrade to the Premium version gives you additional features. You can get Bills of Material; Routings; Machine and Work Centers; Capacity Planning; Production Orders and other purely manufacturing-related functions. Premium also adds the ability to manage service, which has been used for the Engineer to Order space often, but not frequently in normal manufacturing.

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