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Get Started Pro Blogging – It’s A Freelance Writers’ Gold Mine
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Get Started Pro Blogging – It’s A Freelance Writers’ Gold Mine
Pro blogging (also known as Professional blogging (also known as freelance blogging or entrepreneurial blogging) is the gold mine of freelance writers. You earn money for writing snippets of information on a weekly basis, or even often throughout the week. For around ten hours of work, the top freelance bloggers earn up to $1000 a week. In words per word, it equates to the equivalent of ten blog posts per week of between 100 and 200 words, which is 1000 words. It's a good comparison to respectable print freelance rates of a dollar per word. Professional bloggers working in specialist fields like health, business and technology make $3 per word. I hope you believe this is a myth - I've been paid this amount, and I regularly refuse work because I'm already working on more blogging than I can handle. Visit:- Pro blogging contracts are usually for 3 to 6 months. Because it's a steady source of income is extremely appealing to freelance writers. Your pro blogging client becomes the "anchor customer", the client who is paying your bill. Any other freelance work you perform is considered a bonus. You Set Your Own Pro Blogger Rates: Charge What You Want The main benefit of professional blogging for both novice and experienced freelance writers is that pro blogging is the newest market. Only a tiny fraction of freelancers working aware of pro blogging. So , if you get started now you're not competing and it's simple to locate businesses who are eager to have you start posting for them. Established pro bloggers regularly refuse work. You cannot blog for everyone. For 2007 and at least five more years, professional blogging is an industry for providers: you are a price maker, rather than a price taker which is what most freelance writers do. If You Can Use A Word Processor, You Can become A Pro Blogger Writing the blog "post" or blog post, is quick and simple. It generally takes anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour for writing a post including research time. But what happens if you're technical? Even if you're just a beginner computer user, blogging has become super-easy. If you're able to use a word processor and send an email message, you can blog. The process of setting up a blog for free at the world's largest blogging application, Blogger (owned by Google) It takes about five minutes regardless of whether you're new to the process. Got A Specialty? Pro Blog In Your Freelance Writing Specialty And Get Very Well Paid Many pro bloggers/ freelance writers find that pro blogging on their particular subject, whether it's health, technology, or business, allows them faster work at a much higher amount. Specialists are always paid more than generalists. If you're a specialist writer the universe is the pro blogging oyster. Pro blogging is fun It's simple and profitable and the essential ingredient to more compensated work. When you blog, you become a well-known writer, and getting known is vital for freelance writers in 2007 and beyond.

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